Data Core

The Cybersecurity Institute has joined forces with the Center for Data Science (CDS) to create Data Core, a new core facility at UMass.

Data Core is a team of experienced software engineers and data scientists that are available to work with on-campus faculty as well as external partners on projects. Similar to the Cybersecurity Institute, CICS, and CDS, the focus of Data Core is projects that advance the common good. Faculty will be able to employ Data Core to build advanced systems as part of their grants and contracts, allowing their research to progress and transition to practice more easily than they can with students. The aim is to make our proposals more competitive by ensuring a greater real-world impact.
As a core facility, outside entities can also outsource tasks to Data Core in the same way. Data Corps has experience building and deploying systems involving machine learning, data science, cloud systems, mobile apps, web apps, databases, forensics, security, and more. Six of the original eight full time staff that founded Data Core are part of the Cybersecurity Institute's Rescue Lab. Already, we have hired two more full staff to start in July 2022, and we have funding to recruit further. We are working on a small number of projects in summer, and we will announce more broadly to the faculty in CICS and other colleges in September 2022.

Services offered include analysis, application development, deployment, and prototyping in areas such as data science, security, forensics, software development, informatics, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and cloud computing. Building on the foundation of the world class expertise of computer science faculty, we provide a deep and dedicated team of professional scientists and engineers that can be shared widely, to solve a range of research, application, and cross-disciplinary problems. We are interested in fostering engagements at all levels from supporting basic research, to solving applied problems, to implementing models, software, and solutions at scale.